Following the advancements in hydraulic fracturing, tight oil has increasingly become the focus for energy production companies over the last several years. The ability to accurately measure precise volumes of oil, as well as protecting the integrity of the associated transmission pipelines and the environment, has become more of a priority than ever before. Drawing on their decades of field experience, Croft Automation began studying the way accountability and custody transfer units were being utilized in the oil fields. What they found was that while SCADA systems and field automation technology were being adopted in natural gas fields, they were largely being underutilized in the shift to tight oil production. Croft used this information to design the next generation of smart oil measurement units. These accountability and custody transfer units (ACT units) are capable of not only accurate local measurement for custody transfer applications, but integrated control of its associated equipment including interaction with other LACT field units connected to the system. This allows operators to streamline pipeline operations and better protect their assets in the field. Before any unit leaves our facility it is 100% weld X-ray tested, hydrotested to ANSI specifications, and subjected to liquid flow tests. This testing insures PLC and instrumentation integrity thus minimizing field commissioning time and expenses. Field tested and flexible in its design, Croft Automation’s full line of LACT/ACT units can be custom tailored to meet any customer need, either in the field or at the terminal.